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In the latest newsletter (and Howard and I agree - this might just be the strongest newsletter we have ever produced, due to the extraordinary feedback from failsafers):


When an airport security officer said: 'I just want to say thank you - you saved my son', it inspired me to write the post 'saved by diet'. Comments include 'Fabulous post Sue and Howard…you two and Failsafe saved my family's life …my sanity…my two boys' quality of life (and in turn my marriage). Thanks - Jenny'

Also in this newsletter, the very popular Failsafe lunchbox inspiration and a study linking insomnia in adults to highly processed foods. Our readers agree, eg. "annatto (natural colour 160b)... keeps my husband and 3 children awake and feeling wired for hours if they have it at dinner time" - Jessica.

There's also the latest information about labels on foods and medications

Due to changing needs, we have closed our local contacts list, resulting in some heartwarming stories such as Jan's from the UK: "... through Failsafe our family found our triggers in detail, and moved on to a relatively normal life (!) … [I share] my joy and gratitude that we found the diet, and what a difference it made to my family ...". Thank you to the former local contacts! - and to the very helpful  failsafers in our facebook group: " this group is…filled with such amazing and supportive people who are all genuinely trying to help each other… has helped me and my son so much...". Sharl from story [1552]Failsafe support continues here.

Reader stories range from facebook threads on  ADHD in adults such as  "… amines make my ADHD, emotions, etc. much worse" to bladder irritation and interstitial cystitis in adults eg. "I used to get that when I ate a diet high in sals…", and children eg. "My 4.5 year old daughter...started wetting her pants at 2.5 years old (after being dry…for 6 months)... all cleared up by simply removing soy sauce and reducing high amine foods."

Another story answers a question - Is it sensible for those with food intolerances to avoid certain career paths? with 18 answers such as "I'm a nurse I was healthy when I started but it's a nightmare now...exposure to multiple strong perfumes, aerosols, cleaning products, smoke etc…" - Peta

Cooks corner recipe: bubble and squeak (with a story). Now read on....

 - Sue Dengate

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